Our Disney World Vacation – Day 2 – Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

We started and ended our theme park reservations at Hollywood Studios where Galaxy’s Edge is located. This post will be about our first day (Monday, June 21st). But trust me, there is more than enough for a post for each day, so I’ll post about our second day (Friday, June 25th) soon!

We took the Skyliner to Hollywood Studios and ended up in the same tram as Quincy from www.allears.net. She gave us a lot of great advice which was awesome because we hadn’t done our homework before going. And we really should have. We were unable to get reservations for Droid Depot and Savi’s Workshop for the week, so Tabitha wasn’t able to build a droid. But she was still able to get 3, yes 3, lightsabers! Two of which she built. More on that in a bit.

There are landspeeders, x-wings, and droids (even gonk droids! – Tabitha’s favorite) as you walk through the beginning of Galaxy’s Edge. Because of COVID, interactions with characters are different, but still a fun experience.

Stormtroopers miss EVERYTHING!

Then around a couple more corners, and there it is. The Millennium Falcon.

Behind the Falcon is the queue for the ride, Smuggler’s Run where we got to see a lot of cool stuff!

On this ride, you get to play one of three roles: a pilot, gunner, or engineer. But there are 2 of each on each mission, and for the most part, you get to choose your role. Tim and I were the pilots, Tabitha was a gunner, and 3 random people were the other gunner and engineers. The mission is to fly the Millennium Falcon to Corellia to steal some coaxium for Hondo Ohnaka.

You sit in the cockpit of the Falcon, and then a computer simulation takes you through the mission complete with all the jolts and shaking from crashing to jumping to lightspeed. I was the lucky one who got to pull the lever to make the jump to lightspeed, and as I did, Tabitha yelled, “Punch it, Chewy!” It was awesome.

I had been unable to get a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance at 7:00am, so Tim tried again at 1:00pm using the advice Quincy gave us. But, it didn’t work. So, we would miss that ride the first day. We still had 2 more chances on Friday though!

If you can’t get a reservation for Savi’s Workshop to build your own lightsaber, you can still get a Legacy Lightsaber at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. There is a virtual queue for it, but we happened to be right outside the store when they put the sign back out with the QR code for the queue! Woo hoo!

Dok Ondar

After trying Rey’s, Leia’s, and Darth Maul’s hilts, Tabitha decided on Obi-Wan’s. She also got a Jedi holocron with a white kyber crystal and a Sith journal.

We ate ronto wraps from Ronto Roasters (sorry, didn’t get pics of them!), then headed to Star Tours because the wait time was very short (5 minutes compared to the 70 minute wait for Smuggler’s Run). Tabitha loved this ride too!

Like most rides at Disney, it exits into a gift shop. This is the gift shop where you can build your own “cheaper” lightsaber, if you can’t do it at Savi’s. Tabitha got us for 2 lightsabers here! LOL! She got to choose all the parts of the hilts and the blades’ colors. She picked a white one for Ahsoka Tano (her favorite character), and a red one for Darth Vader. It’s all interchangeable too, so if she gets bored with the way they look, she can switch it all around. She also got some really cool light up Star Wars Mickey ears!

Light up Star Wars Mickey ears!

At this point, we were getting overheated and tired! Well, at least Tabitha and I were. After spending over a year barely leaving the house, being out in public and walking a lot was not agreeing with us! We went back to the hotel for a quick nap, then headed to Disney Springs for some shopping and dinner reservations at Ragland Road Irish Pub. The food was amazing, and I found Loki ears! The only ears I wanted and that Tabitha commandeered within a day!

That pretty much wrapped up Day 2 for us. We thought we could get some pool time after dinner, but the weather said no. It was storming by the time we got back to the hotel, and the bus driver even warned us to watch out for flying debris!

Total steps for the day: 14,272 – I had 2 blisters at this point – smh

Come back tomorrow for our exciting adventure into the Animal Kingdom!