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August 4, 2010 – Los Angeles Times
‘A terrifying time’
More than 100 women died in a 10-year span when multiple serial killers roamed South L.A.
Serial killers plagued South L.A.
Starting in the early 1980s, multiple serial killers were active in the South Los Angeles area. Each box on the map [on the left] shows a location where a victim’s body was found, and the color indicates which man is suspected of the slaying.
Homicidal rampages
Authorities allege that these five men killed at least 39 women in the South L.A. area. Based on DNA evidence, they also believe that at least two other unidentified male serial killers were active. Not all sites of the killings have been released by police. Those unmapped killings are represented below by black boxes.
Chester Turner: Convicted in 2007 for multiple murders. Authorities believe he killed other women.
Lonnie Franklin: Charged in July with multiple murders as the Grim Sleeper. His arraignment is pending.
Louis Craine: Convicted of murder in 1989. Died within months of conviction.
Michael Hughes: Convicted in 1998 of the murder of multiple women. DNA later tied him to other homicides.
Daniel Seibert: Confessed to killing two women in Los Angeles while awaiting trial in 1987 for murders in Alabama.
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I spent the first half of the summer gathering articles from the LA Times and coding them. Below is the result of that work.

Red binder filled with paper

The second half of the summer has been spent trying to write two chapters, but I haven’t been very successful. I think I’ve written and rewritten my first chapter about 3 times now. But, the semester starts next week, so I’m hoping it will help to get back into a routine.

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