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Teacher’s Log – Scholastic date 10.16.2019

I started the rhetorical analysis unit a couple of weeks ago. It’s my favorite to teach. I mean, it makes sense because that is what I’m getting my PhD in, after all. 

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Teacher’s Log – Scholastic date 11.21.2019

I’ve realized while completing these projects, breaking them down into manageable sections will be what’s best, especially the annotated bibliography. My plan is to have a library day where library staff show them how to use the databases. Then, they will have to bring in 2-3 annotations a week to workshop them in class. My…

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Teacher’s Log – Scholastic date 11.07.2019

The discourse communities project went as well as expected. As typical, there are a group of students who have continued to take risks with their writing and have fully embraced the idea of writing isn’t limited to essays. I saw genres of news articles, informational pamphlets, emails, and Instagram posts. And there is another group…

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Teacher’s Log – Scholastic date 10.31.2019

At this point in the semester, my students have completed the literacy narrative and rhetorical remix. I have to say, I’m happy with their work so far. The majority of the students are still engaged and completed assignments on time. They took risks with their remixes and did very well with them. However, there is…

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Teacher’s Log – Supplemental

I can’t believe I forgot about the Doctor Who activity I had my students do! On the last day before rough drafts were due, we watched the Doctor Who episode, “Midnight.” For those not familiar with the episode, it’s from season 4, episode 11. Amazon Prime’s description of it is… The Doctor is trapped, alone,…

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