Our Disney World Vacation – Day 7 – Our Last Day

Nooooo! It’s our last day! Tabitha did not want to leave and asked if we could live there. I wish! We could be stowaways on the Falcon!

Sadly, we were going to have to leave though. While we were waiting to check our bags in the hotel’s luggage hold center, Pluto and Goofy stopped by.

We had some time to kill before heading to the airport, so we spent a couple hours at the pool and got some lunch. I’m also adding some pictures of the hotel lobby that I forgot to post from our first day.

Then, we headed to the airport! I love these photos of Tabitha copying Tim because they totally remind me of Omega copying Hunter in The Bad Batch!

We had a long wait before our flight, but at least there was a Starbucks! And apparently Kylie Jenner sells her crappy lip kits in airport vending machines. Haha!

After a delay and some auxiliary power issues, we were finally in the air and headed home! Tabitha wanted the window seat, and she took tons of photos! We made it home a bit after 11 pm (we should’ve been home at about 8!).

The next morning, we went to Star Diner for what we considered our last vacation meal!

And that’s it, folks! That was our Disney World vacation! Thanks for reading!

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