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I’ll be writing all about my life, and the things I love. Maybe even the things I don’t love (probably not a lot of non-lovey things though because who needs that kind of negative energy!)

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The Summer of Sims and Prelims

Last summer during lockdown, I played Sims for the first time. And me being me, I quickly became obsessed. By the end of summer, I had bought all but 3 of the packs. (I don’t have My First Pet, Kids Room, or Toddler). Over the past year, Sims has been my way of relaxing and…

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Our Disney World Vacation – Day 7 – Our Last Day

Nooooo! It’s our last day! Tabitha did not want to leave and asked if we could live there. I wish! We could be stowaways on the Falcon! Sadly, we were going to have to leave though. While we were waiting to check our bags in the hotel’s luggage hold center, Pluto and Goofy stopped by.…

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