Our Disney World Vacation – Day 1 – Travel Day

At about 4:00am on June 20, 2021, we left the house and headed to the Detroit Airport to fly to Disney World.

It was Tabitha’s first time flying, so I wasn’t sure how she would react. I have a love/hate relationship with flying. I love that it can get you places faster than driving, but I hate the thought of crashing or the plane losing power and falling from the sky. Look, I watched Lost back in the day. I know what can happen!

Plus, we have the added issue of people being buttwads and not wanting to do the simplest of things like wear a face mask. “No! My civil liberties are being violated because I’m being minorly inconvenienced by having to put this piece of cloth over my face!” Shut the fuck up.

Photo of Grogu doll stuffed in an orange and white striped bag

Anyway, back to the vacation. After being told she couldn’t take her peeps (stuffed animals), Tabitha managed to fit 4 in her backpack and 3 in my bag. Grogu was coming with us no matter what.

Once we were in the air, it was time for snacks, games, and loads of pictures of the sky! And Tabitha loves flying! Woo hoo!

We made it to Orlando and took the Magical Express bus to the Art of Animation Resort where we waited…and waited…and waited for our room to be ready. In the meantime, we had some lunch (which totally reminded me of Fazolli’s!), and Tim and Tabitha played in the arcade.

After about 5 hours of waiting, our room was ready! A lot of the waiting was because we got there so dang early, but about an hour was after they had promised the room would be ready. And after asking what was happening (nicely because we aren’t Karens), Disney gave us a $75 credit. That was nice, especially considering we had already spent about $150 in the gift shop and for lunch! Haha!

Our room was amazing! We stayed in the Lion King suites. A separate bedroom and bathroom for Tim and I. Tabitha LOVED having her own bathroom! A small kitchenette area, table with a murphy bed, and a pullout sofa. The tile in the showers was gorgeous! And we got full size shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. That’s like full-size candy bars at Halloween!

Below are pictures of around the building and our room. Also, some of the pics were taken on the last day of our stay, so don’t mind the mess! The room had been lived in for a week!

Once we got settled, it was time for some dinner and the pool! Yeah, that thing that looks like a piece of cake? It’s a turkey sandwich! And it was delicious! I got it 2 more times during the week!

And that was Day 1, our travel day! Come back tomorrow to read and see all about Day 2, the first of the 2 days we spent at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!