Our Disney World Vacation – Day 3 – Animal Kingdom

Early on our third morning, Tim took a survey asking about our experience so far. He said everything was great now, but did include how it took longer to get the room, the safe wasn’t working, and only one side of the coffee maker was working. He didn’t really expect anyone to read it. But within 90 minutes, a room manager called the room and said they would send someone up to fix the safe and bring a new coffee maker. Sweet! Right after the person left who had fixed the safe, there was another knock on the door with someone bringing gifts! We got some popcorn, chocolates, a frame, and a handwritten note! How awesome is that?!

After that we were off to Animal Kingdom! There were 3 must-dos on our list for this park: Avatar Flight of Passage, Na’vi River Journey, and the Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition. We headed for Flight of Passage first because it had the longest wait time. Wait times always seemed a bit off during our stay, but in a good way. They never seemed as long as predicted. But as we waited, we had a lot to look at.

Avatar Flight of Passage was amazing! It’s a 3-D flight simulator where you’re riding a banshee through Pandora. It’s an immersive and breathtaking ride!

From there, we went right next door to the Na’vi River Journey. A relaxing boat ride down the Na’vi River that wasn’t nearly long enough!

Last on our must-do list was the safari. I knew the Animal Kingdom park would be a hit with Tabitha, if only for the giraffes we would see on the safari. She had already loved the Avatar rides, so now it was time to go see some giraffes! And wow! We got to see them up close, along with a lot of other animals!

Giraffic jam!

Since we were able to get through our must-do list pretty quickly, we just winged it (haha) the rest of the time at the park. We took a walk through the Gorilla Falls Expedition Trail and saw some more animals.

We had a fabulous lunch with an awesome view at Flame Tree Barbecue. I had pulled pork mac n’ cheese with coleslaw and onion rings and cornbread. YUM!

We watched It’s Tough to be a Bug in the Tree of Life at the center of the park.

And we ended our day at the park with the ride, Dinosaur. A ride Tim and I had gone on 13 years ago with Savannah, but neither of us remember it being so jerky and rough. I didn’t like it, and I don’t think Tabitha did either. I did get a great shirt in the gift shop though!

Spending the evening at the pool when we got back to the hotel was another no from Mother Nature. So, we ate some pizza and relaxed.


Total steps: 14,766 – Another blister! Yay!

Join us tomorrow as we go around the world at Epcot!