Runner’s Log – COVID-19 date 03.26.2020

Today, I went to Olander Park in Sylvania to run. I went early, and it was so much nicer than Wildwood the other day! There were very few people there, and everyone was staying six feet or more apart. It was lovely.

I think it will be my spot to run from now on. There are no hills, it’s a gorgeous run around the lake (so no chance of getting lost), and there was an older lady who would cheer me on every time I passed her. I loved her. It really helped me out.

I ran 3.31 miles today, and I completed the Bob Ross Happy Little Trees 5k virtual run. It was a perfect Bob Ross worthy place to run it.

I really hope Ohio can keep our parks open. Wildwood was so crowded the other day though. At least at Olander there aren’t many parking spots, so it won’t get as busy. I hope anyway.

To end this post, here’s a short video I made after my run. Stay safe and 6 feet apart out there, people!