Teacher’s Log – Scholastic date 09.05.2019

Ok. Settling in. I introduced the first project in my composition class. A literacy narrative. I was very excited to tell them that they did not have to write this project in that awful 5 paragraph essay kind of way. I gave them examples of all the different ways they could tell their literacy story. I fear they may have been overwhelmed by this because many of them are still choosing to write it as an essay, instead of making a video or a series of Instagram pictures. This is fine, of course. I can understand they will want to stick with what they know.

They responded well to building their own rubric for this first project. They were pretty quiet up until that point, though, which is always a worry. Are they getting it? Is this stuff sinking in? Are they just tired because class is at the butt crack of dawn?

I had them “grade” the sample literacy narratives using the rubric they came up with, and they ripped those things apart! I heard things like “this isn’t organized very well” and “she spelled some words wrong; we should take points off for that.” I’m still floored that they wanted spelling weighted so heavily on their own projects. Next week, they learn how to peer review each other’s work. I don’t think they’ll be so brutal with each other, though. It’s so much easier to rip someone’s writing to shreds when that person isn’t going to be sitting next to you for the next 12 weeks.  

Teacher’s Log – Scholastic date 08.30.2019

This has all happened before.
And this will all happen again.
-Caprica Six, Battlestar Gallactica

AHHHHHHH!!!! What a crazy week! My first week of trying to balance teaching a composition class AND taking my own classes in my PhD program. I think my composition class went well. I was able to do a lot more community building than in the past which was nice. Fingers crossed that it means my students will be more comfortable to speak up in class this semester.